Studying in France and being an Au Pair
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Studying in France and being an Au Pair

Sixtine · 20/05/2021

You want to study in France, but you can't find a place to live, you don't feel ready to live alone, you don't have the means to be independent, or many other reasons?

We have the solution: you can be an Au Pair during your studies!
Yes, studying 🧑🎓 and being an au pair 🧑🍼 can be a good plan to allow you to be part of a great family, to live an amazing experience, and at the same time to continue your studies (in the big city you've been dreaming of since you were little 💭...) while saving money!

Why be both a student and an au pair?

There are lots of advantages to choose this way of life:

  • No housing search 🏡 that means no stress about finding an accommodation, no rent to pay, no need to have a guarantor, and all the other steps to get a flat or house.
  • No shopping to do and pay for 🛒, your host family would take care of it. Here we talk about food, if you need makeup, cloths or anything except food, you have to pay for it.
  • Public transport is paid 🚗 or a car is made available for you if you have your driving licence and need to take the children to school and/or pick them up. The petrol is paid too for all your journey as an au pair.
  • And on top of that, you will receive pocket money 💶 every week (around 360 euros a month).


What is an au pair job?

An au pair is a youth aged 18 - 30 years old who look after the children of his / her host family, a maximum of 30 hours per week for a European and 25 hours per week for a non-European.

You have some tasks to do:

  • You will care for the children 👨👧👧 and accompany them in daily tasks.
  • You might have to drive them to school and extracurricular activities and/or pick them up as well 🏫, handle bath/shower time 🛁, play with them 🧩, help them with homework and if the family wants to, babysit them in the evening from time to time.
  • You will also be asked to help with some light household chores like cooking 👨🍳 for the children, taking care of their laundry 🧺, making sure their bedrooms are tidy, but emptying the dishwasher, clean the kitchen after cooking and all the daily household tasks as well.

If your schedule is not too busy, that's perfect!


Testimonials from student au pairs

That already happened with formers au pair. They came to Paris and became a student at the same time. Feel free to check their experience doing both.

👉 Jimena interviewstudying a master in digital marketing.
👉 Justin interviewstudying English and cinema.

⚠️ If you want to be a student and an Au Pair at the same time, just make sure your schedule would "match" the family's needs. Not all families have the same schedule, it depends on many things like the parents' jobs, how far the school is, and the children's age too.

Just keep in mind that if you have a busy schedule as a student, it might be difficult to find a host family.

And if we can give you some advice, be really motivated and above all well organized to do these both experiences at the same time! 💪

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Sixtine · 20/05/2021



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