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5 reasons why you should become an au pair

Laurie · 27/10/2021

You made the decision to take a gap year and think about your future? Why not using this time for travelling around the world and becoming an au pair? 

Any young person can travel from country to country, but that's expensive and hard if you're alone. Being an au pair is the most rewarding way to make your around the world dream come true.

Let me give you 5 good reasons for living an au pair experience abroad.

1. Finding accommodation is easy

Sometimes it is so complicated to find a place to sleep 🏡 during your stay in a country. The most of the time it's too expensive or when you, finally, get a chance to find somewhere enough cheap, it's possible to have an unsafe room. Being an au pair is the insurance to have a nice private room and food for free.


2. Improving a language

Some people are really interested in learning 📚 another language for studies or for developing themselves. As an au pair, you will be able to speak with native-speakers 🗣️ and improve the language you want in the best possible way.

After an au pair stays in a country, some au pairs decide to move to another country and learn another language, or to stay longer if they want to improve 📈 their language skills.

Butrfly offers you French courses thanks to its partnership with VivaLing which offers you a 3 weeks session of 4 x 1h20 course a week for €10 per hour, whatever your level in French 👇.

Register for French courses


3. Travelling is not too costly

Whatever the way you want to travel, you need money 💵. Indeed, travelling is not free, and you have to pay for tickets, hostels, restaurants, activities, etc. If you have a host family, you can earn money by taking care of children. Then, after saving money, you can plan a trip around your host country 🌎 or wherever during your days off.

After staying in a country or an area for a while, you can move to another au pair family. You can start another experience in a different environment and travel ✈️ in this new country, city, etc. The world is huge and you have so many destinations available.


4. Getting experience with children

If your dream is to work with children 🍼, so becoming an au pair is also the perfect way to get experience. That will be a plus in your CV when you'll apply for university. Indeed, looking after kids who they don't have the same mother tongue than you could make the difference between your file 📁 and others applicants' one. That means you are not scared to move from your comfort zone.



5. Taking a step back in life and personal development

Going abroad is a good way to develop yourself 🧠, gain in maturity, learn more about yourself and improve different skills. Having a gap year after high school is the best moment to travel before having too many responsibilities 😬 as an adult with a job and a family.

Plus, being an au pair allows you to meet a lot of people and develop your network, your mindset, your knowledge about different cultures and make yourself more independent and mature. Having contact 🌐 around the world could be useful in your future, depending on what you're planning to do.

I want to live an au pair experience


At the end of your experience

After staying abroad, you can write this international experience on your CV ✒️. As I said, that’s the point that could make the difference with another person. An au pair experience shows your state of mind, and some recruiters love it mainly if you want to work in business, journalism, tourism, or communication.

What’s your motivation to be an au pair? Mine was to improve my English for my studies. 

👉 Read my testimonial "Testimonial of my au pair experience with AuPairWorld".

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Laurie · 27/10/2021



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