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Taking a gap year from school? What should I do with my gap year?

Edwina Koch · 25/05/2020

If you are a high school student, or even a college student – we are talking to you! Taking a gap year from school is a great opportunity to learn new things, travel, work, or save money.

Plus, taking time before diving in a career or serious students. It is definitely not the most thought-of option. However, taking a year to live and work abroad can completely change your life. 


Taking a gap year from school can buy you time to think about what you really want to do 

First of all, who says you need to go straight from high school to university? Or directly from undergraduate to graduate? You can take a gap year at any time, even between years of college.

Don’t keep yourself restricted because of « tradition ». Who knows, taking a gap year from school may completely make you change your mind about your major or career choice! You could learn that you like languages more than you thought. 


Save money on tuition 

Secondly, college is expensive. Alternatively, taking a gap year from school can be a way to do something that is enriching, but that is not so expensive. Plus, you can learn and work abroad for example and learn just as much (maybe even more), but get paid instead of paying.

That way, when you do go to school, if that is your choice, your tuition will be put toward a degree you are 100% sure you want. 


Make yourself a stronger applicant

Maybe you didn’t get into your first choice college the first time around. Well, taking time to work and travel is a great way to make your story more interesting.

Many applicants get into their dream schools that second time around because of a project that they undertook during their gap year. In addition, it can make you appear more responsible, confident, and independent to colleges. 

take a gap year from school and it will be an adventure!


Become more independent and self confident 

You learn so much about yourself from moving alone to the other side of the world, to a new culture and country. You have to navigate a whole new planet on your own.

However, while technology can help you stay in contact with your friends and family back home, you have to trust yourself to get out of stick situations and be brave enough to stand on your own two feet! 


Experience stuff you don’t learn in an academic setting 

Truly, sometimes the best teacher is truly the real world. Teachers can lecture all the theories, concepts, and formulas to you. However, applying yourself outside of the four walls of school, is where you really test your skills and learn where your weaknesses and strengths are. 

work and travel while you take a gap year from school


Travel the world and learn a new language 

There is no better way to become a « language person » than immersing yourself in the new language. Consequently, your brain is forced to absorb new words and expressions that you often don’t hear in a classroom setting. As a result, you will learn fast because you are exposed every day, every minute to this new language.

And, if picking up French is a goal of yours, taking a gap year from school is a must! 

take a gap year from school and meeting people from all around the world!


If you need a break from school, au pairing can be a great option!

To conclude, Au Pairing can be an amazing way to live and work abroad for a few months, or even a few years! It can teach you so much more than you ever realize about another culture, but also about yourself. 

On top of that, the challenges of working with kids, while also finding your own independence in a new city is exhilarating, exciting, and intense! Put yourself up to the challenge of being an au pair and check out our families by clicking here. 

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Edwina Koch · 25/05/2020



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