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Why Welcome a French Au Pair into Your Family?

Kyria · 06/02/2023

As a host family, finding the right au pair to join your household can be a daunting task. However, choosing a French au pair can bring unique benefits to your family dynamic.

Au Pair Butrfly provides travel for many different nationalities. 

Each young person is unique, that's why we interview them to know their motivations and test them.  It is thanks to this expertise that we have made a list of these little traits specific to our French.


🇫🇷 5 Reasons to choose a french au pair

1- "Easy-going" attitude 

One of the most notable traits of them is their laid-back and easy-going approach to life. This quality can bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your home, making the transition for both you and your children smoother.



2- Proactivity 

French au pairs are known for their proactive nature. They will not only fulfill their duties as an au pair, but also take initiative in helping out with household tasks and child-related activities. This level of responsibility offers peace of mind to busy host families, as we know you are.

3- Great with children

Whether it's playing games, reading books or just chatting, French Au Pairs are known for their engaging personalities and ability to bond with children of all ages. Our Au Pair Manager encourages them to gain experience with children with reference letters, making them a valuable addition to your family.

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4- No screen time obsession 

In today's technology-driven world, it's common to see children and even adults constantly glued to their devices. French au pairs, however, are not prone to this type of behavior. They prioritize spending quality time with children and engage in activities that foster learning and growth. They have the desire and curiosity to discover another culture and another country.

5- Act like family

French au pairs often treat host families like their own, making the experience for everyone involved more enjoyable and comfortable. They bring a sense of warmth and care that can make your family feel like a united unit. They also  have a reputation for being tidy and organized. This quality can help keep everyone on track. 




Welcoming a French au pair into your family can bring numerous benefits, from their easy-going attitude to their natural ability to connect with children.

If you're looking to host an au pair, consider a French au pair to open your children to the rich French culture. 

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Kyria · 06/02/2023



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