How Au Pair BUTRFLY is Different From AuPairWorld

1. Find French Families Who Meet YOUR Criteria

Are you struggling to find a host family who suits your needs? Do you want a family who only have teenagers or do you want to work with a baby? By telling us the type of family you want to work with, you’ll be able to realise your dream!

Furthermore, you’ll reduce how much time you spend trawling through host families as we’ll only show you ones that suit your wishes. Forget receiving messages from host families who only pay €60 per week. The host families that we will match you with will definitely meet certain standards!

2. Gain Access to Premium Families

Do you want to be sure that the host family you are speaking to is a real family and not a bot? Or, perhaps your own parents want to know that the family you’re going to be living with are verified!

The best way to do this is to gain access to Au Pair BUTRFLY ‘s Premium families. This means we’ve spoken to the family, know what they are looking for, and know that they are real people, ready to welcome an au pair. (To do this, you will also need to be certified which requires you to have an interview of just 20 minutes!)

3. Get Help With Your Contract, Visa, and Rematch

If you need further help, such as with your visa and contract, you can sign up to one of our paid packages in order to gain assistance throughout your au pair experience. Unlike Au Pair World, we walk you through the process of gaining a visa and contract! Furthermore, if you are so unlucky as to need to rematch then we can walk with you every step of the way.

Unfortunately, the process of gaining a visa and writing out a contract can be very confusing. Trust us, the experts, to help you figure everything out quickly and efficiently. With us holding your hand every step of the way, you don’t need to worry about the fine print and whether you have the right documents for your visa appointments.

4. A French Team at Your Disposal if You Have a Problem During Your Stay

The first few weeks are all about getting to know your host family. But, what if you have a problem and don’t get along? With Au Pair World, you are left to your own devices. How do you navigate the space of leaving the family and finding a new one?

With an agency like Au Pair BUTRFLY, we can help answer every single question you have, help you rematch, or help you with awkward disputes between yourself and your host family. Find out more about the packages we offer to find one that suits your needs.

Au Pair BUTRFLY can be involved as much or as little as you need. By choosing the package that suits you, we can either hold your hand throughout your stay or step back and let you be independent! We are ALWAYS there to answer your questions once you are living with your host family. Better yet, you become an automatic member of the Au Pair, Oh Paris community where au pairs get together, make friends, and help each other out.

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