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5 Simple Gift Ideas to Buy Your Au Pair as a Host Parent

Edwina Koch · 15/12/2020

Are you struggling to think of ideas for your au pair? If you’ve only known them since September, this can be somewhat of a conundrum. But, today we’re going to break down a few options for you from the point of view of an au pair! We asked over on Instagram what our au pairs were hoping for this holiday and below are a few of their answers. Let’s get started :

1. Gift Cards to Their Favourite Stores

Although this may sound like a cop out to you, it will be very much appreciated by your au pair. Although au pairs are very happy with their weekly pay, it doesn’t leave a lot of money for shopping.

Why not ask your au pair which shop they would like you to purchase a gift card from. Yes, it takes out the surprise, but if you’re feeling generous, they may be surprised and very happy by how much they have to spend!

2. An Album of Family Photographs

If 2020 has hit you hard and you can’t afford to provide your au pair with a €200 voucher for their favourite store, then why not go the homemade route?

Why not pull together all of the best pictures you have taken of your kids and your au pair over the past few months and compile them online into a beautiful photo album.

If you don’t have many pictures, then encourage the kids to draw a picture of the family together. As well as this, make sure you write a heart felt letter about the wonderful time you’ve spent together so far and how much you’re enjoying having an au pair.

Furthermore, make sure you include a beautiful Christmas card that your au pair can hang on to and remember you by for years to come!

3. A Beautiful Journal

Do you know how your au pair is recording their year abroad? If they’re not doing anything to help them remember this time, then why not encourage them by purchasing a beautiful journal?

There are many companies such as Papier which can provide you with a wonderful writing set! Alternatively, you could choose to buy a scrap book and get started by adding

4. Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate

You can never get enough delicious chocolate as an au pair. Sweets, treats, and other goodies are also very much appreciated! This is a simple gift and you can make it look overflowing. Make sure you include lots of your au pair’s favourites.

5. A Pampering Kit

Let’s be honest, as much as your kids are little joys to play with, being an au pair can be hard work! They’re living away from family, sometimes for the first time, overcoming cultural challenges, and getting used to your family’s dynamic. Sometimes, all your au pair needs is to relax.

Put together a pamper kit including face masks, serums, eye masks, bubbles for a bath, and other pampering products. Finally, throw in a bottle of Champagne or Prosecco if you’re feeling extra fancy!

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Edwina Koch · 15/12/2020



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