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Anne-Claire Villaumé · 09/11/2020

It has now been almost 3 years since Manuela and I launched Au Pair BUTRFLY, the first French au pair agency. Our primary mission has always been to make this program accessible in France to both families and young people who want to travel. The majority of our families have now welcomed their first au pair with us, across France. And we were able to support young people who have come to France from across the globe!

The year 2020 has been one of many challenges. With COVID-19 taking over the world, the au pair program was put to the test. As I speak to you, we are once again in lockdown in France and many young people (non-Europeans) still cannot achieve their dream of being an au pair in this country.

We, therefore, decided to adapt our service to better meet what young au pairs and French families are looking for.

Classic Families and Premium Families

Today, we have 2 types of families who wish to host an au pair:
1. Classic families who want to be independent in finding their au pair: They are validated according to regulatory criteria: they have at least one child over 3 years old, have presented an identity document and photos, and have completed 100% of their profile. These families are free to contact you or you are free to contact them. Au Pair BUTRFLY did not interview them.

2. Premium families who want BUTRFLY Au Pair to take care of everything for them. These families subscribe to a package that includes: the recruitment of suitable candidates, the formalities (contract, insurance), follow-up, and assistance during the stay. All these families are validated via interview with the BUTRFLY team. They appear as « Premium Family » in your searches.

In November 2020, we also decided to adapt the service we provide for au pairs. You can register for free and contact all the classic families that interest you.

As an au pair, your profile will be validated according to the following criteria:

  1. You’re 18 years old before your move
  2. You have finished high school
  3. You have childcare experience (baby sitting/tutoring etc)
  4. You have an intermediate level of French or English to facilitate communication with the host family.
  5. You can provide ID and photos.

However, if you want to contact a Premium family, you will also need to be certified.

What is a certified au pair?

A certified au pair is someone that has passed a 20-minute interview via video conference with the BUTRFLY team. When creating your profile, don’t forget to book an interview with our team so that you will have more host family choices.

Why go for an interview and be a certified au pair?
1. To show you are motivated to be an au pair in France and to help secure the families that best suit your needs
2. To evaluate your language skills and discuss your childcare experience
3. So we can tell our host families a little extra about you as an individual
4. So we can introduce you to the best host families

As an expert in the au pair program in France, we will always offer more value than just an online platform.
As a result, you have two possibilities:
1. Find your host family for free (get in touch with our host families yourself with no assistance from us)
2. Or you can decide to purchase our formalities package once you have found your dream host family. We will help you before and during your stay. This package includes drafting your contract, acquiring your visa, assistance during your stay, and rematch if you have a problem.

Register now to discover our new service or chat with our expert team! Click here to find out more.

Stay safe!

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Anne-Claire Villaumé · 09/11/2020



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