4 Tips for Your First Few Weeks as an Au Pair

Edwina Koch · 13/09/2020

The first few weeks of au pairing are overwhelming, exhausting, exciting, and hopefully very fun! You’ll be feeling hundreds of mixed emotions. In this article, we wanted to write about a few things that we suggest you do when you first become an au pair.

Next week, we’ll talk about the admin side of things (by this we mean the contract, URSSAF, and Carte Vitale!) But, for this week, we wanted to chat about a few lighter subjects that will help you move into your new home much easier… Let’s get started:

1. Decorate Your Bedroom

Okay, first thing’s first, it’s time to settle into your new bedroom. You may want to consider investing in some pieces that will make your bedroom really feel like home.

You should also consider bringing things from home such as a lovely pillow case, a plant pot, or any knick-knacks that you love. Furthermore, make sure you have lovely mood lighting, a cosy nook to sit and read, and some new books.

Check out ideas on Pinterest for how to make your bedroom look beautiful. We recommend putting up lots of posters and pictures of family, friends and places you’ve been and loved.

2. Ask Your Host Family for a Tour of Your Local Area

You may be tempted to relax in your room as soon as you’re free to do so, but we recommend that during this first few crazy weeks, you throw yourself into the experience completely!

Of course, make sure you’re getting some rest, but also spend lots of time with your host family. Spending time with them when they go out will help you to quickly get to know your new neighborhood.

Although this may feel exhausting, just remember your entire au pair experience won’t be this hectic and these first few weeks are a great way to bond with the family, ensuring you feel more comfortable with them later on. There’s no better way to learn how a new city ticks than to explore it with a host parent. Try to treat your first few weeks as a vacation.

3. Call Your Family and Friends (But Not Too Often)

You may be tempted to spend hours on the phone every evening with your friends and family back home. But, if you do this too often, it’s a surefire way to feel homesick and lonely.

Try to call home only a couple of times per week when you first move abroad. Instead, fill your time with exploring and getting out into a new city. Take your camera so you have lots of pictures to show your friends back home when you do call them!

Furthermore, we recommend getting on every single app, Facebook group, and Meetup group you can find in order to get to know people in your local as soon as possible. Speaking of which…

4. Go to an APOP Picnic

The APOP Picnics are a brilliant way to meet new people who will become your new friends! You’ll meet a huge group of new and old au pairs who will share your free-in-the-day schedule and perhaps live nearby too!

This Saturday, there will be events taking place across France, so make sure you check out the Au Pair, Oh Paris website to find out more!

If you ever want to have more information and tips about becoming an au pair, check out in our Au pair website : Being Au Pair


Edwina Koch · 13/09/2020



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