3 SUPER Important Things to Ensure When You Join a Host Family

This week we’re talking about things you need to remember when you move to France. It’s not the most fascinating topic in the world. However, it’s certainly one that will help you ensure your stay in France is a good one. Sometimes, Au Pair Admin is absolutely necessary.

If you don’t speak fluent French yet, then it’s a good idea to ask for your host family’s help. They will be willing and ready to aid you in the process, but you might have to remind them!

It’s a busy time of year and it’s easy to forget these three things. So, we’ve written them out clearly for you. If you’ve done all of these things, you can rest assured you’re all ready for your au pair year.

Sign a Contract

This piece of paper is very important. It must be completed and signed by both the au pair and the host family before arriving in France. It will enable you to figure out what your duties are. This includes how many hours you work, a schedule, and pay.

Know your rights before you sign your contract and make sure you read it through carefully. If you have any issues with the contract then now is your time to speak up.

Remember, an au pair in France should not be working more than 35 hours per week. You should also receive at LEAST €320 per month. It’s also worth negotiating extra pay for hours that go above and beyond your 35 hours per week. (For example, €10 – €20 is pretty standard).

Furthermore, you should include in the contract the types of housework tasks you will be performing. An au pair should only be performing LIGHT housework tasks, such as washing the dishes and tidying the kids’ bedroom. This does not include cleaning the whole house or doing everyone in the family’s laundry. Make sure this is clear in your contract.

Finally, know that you can terminate your contract under the « European Agreement on the Au Pair Placement ». You are only required to give two weeks’ notice. (Furthermore, if you are struggling to find a rematch, then get in touch with us!)

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Be Declared at the URSSAF

There are 105 URSSAF offices in France. Your host family should be in charge of registering you at the URSSAF. (This stands for Union de recouvrement des cotisations de sécurité sociale et d’allocations familiales!) But, if they forget, then it’s certainly worth reminding them!

This needs to happen at your local office within EIGHT DAYS of arriving in your new city or town. Your host family will pay the social contributions required of a family who is hosting an au pair. This is not something that you need to pay for.

The URSSAF will enable you to request a social security registration number. For more information, check out this website! (You can very easily translate it into English.)

Request Your Carte Vitale for Long Stays

Have you lived in the country for 3 months? Then, you are now able to apply for national health coverage. However, there are two things that you need: a securité sociale number and, finally, a Carte Vitale!

You will use your Sécurité Sociale for all healthcare visits. Your Carte Vitale is a card which you use to identify who you are when visiting a healthcare provider. Unfortunately, if you don’t speak any French, this process can be very tricky. So, ask your host family for their help.

Sécurité Sociale

Firstly, you’ll need to apply for your Sécurité Sociale number so fill out a form at ameli.fr. Again, this is in French!

Secondly, you need to collect documents to support your application. You can find the details of what to include on the form (check the second page and ask your host family for help!)

Thirdly, and most importantly, you need to send all of these documents in the post to Assurance Maladie de Paris, 75948 PARIS CEDEX 19. You cannot send them via email.

Carte Vitale

Within a month, you should receive a number that is temporary. However, it will take up to six months to receive your own personal number which will enable you to make an account on Ameli to request your Carte Vitale.

When your number arrives in the post, you can choose to either fill out the form that is sent with it. You need a picture of yourself to send too. Alternatively, you can create an Ameli account and wait for an access code to be sent in the post before opening an account and requesting a card online. It will then take a month for the physical card to arrive.

In conclusion, patience is key! Of course, This all sounds like a lot of hard work, but luckily your host family is here to help you. You can also check out the APOP Open Forum to ask other au pairs for their help!

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