" We are two young moms convinced that the Au Pair experience is an alternative that will make you live beautiful experiences and bring you flexibility, everything you dream of. "

Manuela, Mum of Albane 6 years and Léonie 4 years, au pair. I am like you, I run and I have, sometimes, the feeling of not seeing the time flying, nor the children grow up. I want to give my children the best in terms of education and I can not be out for school at 3:45 pm, working full time, to take them to piano, dance or drawing course. I know that we should make them learn English because it is when we are kids that we learn the best but the agenda is already so full that I do not see when I could fit that in. And then I also need to take it a little bit easier by going to dinner with my girlfriends or my lover or going to do a yoga session and it is often complicated to plan and organize. After having traveled a lot, teaching my children to open up to the world was for me more than obvious, it was a priority and our hectic rhythms of life quickly drove me to look at the au pair option. My husband was not agree but after a long argument on the practical and economic aspects he ended up accepting!

The Au Pair experience was an exceptional discovery for us. So strong and full of emotions and sharing that I thought I could not keep it for me because the experience is exceptional for both children and parents, and also for the au pair.


Julie, Mum of Achille 6 years, globetrotter and Au Pair former! I love to travel and help people. Through my travels I have built friendships to the four corners of the globe and have pleasure to see them again and welcome them in France. To share time with them and with Achille because being open to the world and sharing are instinctive values for me. The Au Pair experience is therefore obvious. My enthusiasm and energy I put them at your service to allow you to live the most beautiful Au Pair experience.


Together we want to build an alternative mode of care and create a link. The Au Pair that you are going to welcome could be your child who will one day leave the cocoon to fly to other horizons. So you will open your door as you would open the arms to your child and the Au Pair will quickly become the big brother or the big sister of the family ... We let you live your own experience and let us know.

Manuela & Julie, happy BUTRFamily ;-)